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With a presence in all of the 36 states and the FCT, NAPEX has a multicultural team and welcomes a vast diversity of backgrounds, skills and experiences in all of its locations.


Nigeria’s vast country has many different languages, dialects, cultures and traditions. NAPEX adapts to each local cultures, customer diversity and to a multiplicity of activities is a key element of our success.

Strong values

NAPEX as an entity serving the military was founded on strong values, notably discipline, others include – Teamwork, Responsive, Effort, Ethics, Agility and the constant strive for excellence in all that it does.

Professional Options

As a commercial business arm with interests across different professional areas, we provide our best preforming teams with the options to move around the organization.


We are constantly honing and looking to improve our employees’ business and skill-set so that they are able to adapt to fast moving changes in the market, customer expectations and desires.

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